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The biggest Paragliding-Event ever

The Paragliding World Cup always was the competition with the highest qualification pilots in this sport.
The PWC-Superfinal is held this year for the first time and brings all the legends of this sport next to
the current Top pilots from all over the world.

I will write my reports mainly on the DHV-Webpage  so this article is mostly an anchor for that.
Here are just a few teaser fotos.

  • After 2 I was very happy:  2nd place overall in this field of great pilots!
  • After 3 days I was still happy: 3rd overall
  • But in the 4th task, 110 out of 130 pilots had to land when the sun
    was covered by clouds. Only 20 stray pilots here and there made it
    out of that "black hole" and got big points compared to the rest.
    So I went to 14th overall - bummer ...