PWC Chelan, Washington, USA 2010

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The best PWC in a long time!

When I heard that there will a PWC in the NorthWest of the US this year, I was
immediately excited: Having seen much of the East, South and lower West of the US,
I always wanted to explore Oregon and Washington. Kristen was excited, because
we could visit her family on the way in California.


But our expectations were even surpassed by reality:
We had an amazing time there for many reasons:

  • First the drive up north past Crater Lake was an exciting experience.
  • Then of course the weather was perfect: For the first time this year,
    we got some reliable, constant summer sun: No rain in 3 weeks! :-)
  • that allowed some epic flying, we had 6 long tasks: In just 2 days I
    collected 12.5 hours of airtime. Link to my flights
  • but also because of the incredibly friendly people - foremost Doug Stroop,
    the organizer of the event but also all the US-pilots and retrrieve crews.
  • and last but not least, I had the best food in the last years there:
    awesome BBQs, authentic Sushi, Mexican, etc...

All in all: a perfect trip! :-)




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