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Iceclimbing: Stubai: Luesenstal & Pinnistal  (.at)

Date: March 2003
Partner: Andi Fichtner
Conditions: Average: The ice was good, but some tours like the "Magier" has only very thin ice left.
  • Luesenstal: "Haengende Gaerten" (WI 6)
  • Pinnistal: "Maenner ohne Nerven" (WI 5)
  • The "Maenner ohne Nerven" was actually harder to climb than the  "Haengende 
    Gaerten"  - the ice was thinner there and less chances to put screws in.
  • It's already late in the year, the ice has already degraded a bit.
    An avalanche has hit (me &) Andrea during the climb in the "MoN" 
    and knocked her out for some time. Getting up early is the key to safer
    climbing at this time ...