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North Face: Ortler (it)   Renkfälle 

Date: May 2003
Partner: Andi Fichtner
Conditions: The face itself was nearly ideal: No rock, neve in the lower half, ice (but not too hard) in the upper half.
  • The base-town, Sulden is a ghost-town in May - nearly all facilities are closed.
  • The Tabaretta-hut has a winter-room which is open without a key
  • For the ambitious folks, the tour could be combined with the Koenigsspitze North-Face by descending either the Minnigerrode-Rinne or the Hintergrat-Ridge to the Hintergrat-Hut (key needed there, ask in Sulden)
  • The descent over the 'normal' way (Payer-Hut) is strenous at this time of the year: lots of wet snow.
  • More practical info can be found here:  -> use "Gezielte Abfrage" for Italy, Region:Ortler

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