Flightlist Explained

 This list explains what the columns in my Flightlist.

Nr    Number of flight. Short breaks and toplanding-training does not count, only logically separate flights
Date Date of flight
Ct Country:  Ch=Switzerland, De=Germany, Fr=France, It=Italy, At=Austria  (Others)
Area City or region
Start The name or location of the starting place
H:Start Altitude of start
Δh Altitude difference, start <-> landing
t Duration of flight
km Distance covered in OLC terms, not the actual length of the GPS-track
Pref. How much did I like the flight:  from -- (oh No!)   to  " " (nothing special)  to ++++ (a must!)
Wing What type of glider did I fly
P Partners who joined the trip/flight (Abbreviations see below)
Comment all other things ...


TS Tobias Schulz
FC    Fritz Christandl
MSMatthias Schreiber
DEDietmar End