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My flights on the Online-Contest: 2004 -
2005 - 2006       (2004: Newcomer: 1st, Overall worldwide: 41)        At the end: My Wishlist

Nr Date Ct Area Start / Details-Link   W H:Start ?h t OLC Pref. Wing Partner Comment
0xxx  2006.09.10AtAchensee RofanbahnW     2:10


 Nova Rookie XSPipoHad so much fun thermalling, then soaring close to the peak of Bärenkopf!
0xxx  2006.09.10AtAchensee RofanbahnW     0:18


 Rookie XS "Light"PipoStarts supereasy, fun to fly
0xxx 2* 2006.09.10AtAchensee RofanbahnW     0:45


 Nova JambooPipo2 short Tandem Flights
0xxx  2006.09.10AtAchensee RofanbahnW     0:15


 Nova TycoonPipoNice to fly, to short to really say much
0xxx2006.09.08AtKaerntenGerlitzenE    2:20   +Stratus 6.23PWCSome Thermalling and Soaring after PWC cancelled
0xxx2006.09.07Si KobaridStol  1400 12003:53   +Stratus 6.23PWCPWC 06 Si : 4. Task
0xxx2006.09.06Si KobaridStol     2:58   +Stratus 6.23PWCPWC 06 Si : 3. Task
0xxx2006.09.05Si KobaridStolW    4:37   +Stratus 6.23PWCPWC 06 Si : 2. Task 105Km!
0xxx2006.09.04Si KobaridStol     0:21   +Stratus 6.23PWCPWC 06 Si : Fog: Abgleiter
0xxx2006.09.03Si KobaridStol     1:53   +Stratus 6.23PWCPWC 06 Si : 1.Task: too easy almost all in goal
0xxx2006.09.02Si KobaridStol SW 1400 12004:05   +Stratus 6.23PWCPWC 06 Si : Trainingsday
 hier fehlen  noch einige           
03xx  2006.07.23De Stuttgart Neidlingen NW 729m 186m 0:51  Stratus 6.23-Wonderful sunset flight! great light and smells : Ate cherries on landing til I dropped! ;-)
03xx  2006.07.23AtBregenzerwaldAndelsbuchNW    0:43    Swing Astral TwinKai LöfflerTandem Flight
03xx  2*2006.07.23AtBregenzerwaldAndelsbuchW    1:24    Stratus 6.23Kai LöfflerPlaying and Toplanding
03xx  2006.07.22AtTannheimer NeunerköpfleN    1:14    Stratus 6.23- 
03xx  2006.07.22AtOberstdorfNebelhornN    1:23    Stratus 6.23Kai/TomekTry to do S.Trauts FAI-Trieangle : Failed and landed past Lechtal
03xx  2006.07.16AtBregenzerwald Andelsbuch: 1PCS CMN    1:44    Swing Astral TwinK.B.Tandem Flight : Playing with B-Stalls and first try of XC
03xx  2*2006.07.16AtBregenzerwald Andelsbuch: 1PCS CMN    0:58    Stratus 6.23K.B.Tandem Flight : 1.PCS Clubmeisterschaft Schätzzeitfliegen + Playing 0:30 + 0:28
03xx  2006.07.15AtBregenzerwald Andelsbuch: Night FeverN    3:45     K.B.Skywalk Night Fever: 3rd Place
03xx  2006.07.15AtBregenzerwald Andelsbuch: 1PCS CMN    1:00    Swing Astral TwinK.B.Tandem Flight : 1.PCS Clubmeisterschaft Schätzzeitfliegen 1h
02xx2006.07.09De PfrontenBreitenberg     O 1576m  1:24  -Stratus 6.23 T.IdeBreitenberg - Tegelberg conditions not too good.
03xx  2006.07.02ChWallis FieschN  2160m  7:05


++Stratus 6.23S.SchlangMy best points in the OLC: 191Km FAI
03xx  2006.07.01ChWallis FieschN  2160m  9:17


+++Stratus 6.23S.SchlangMy best points in the OLC: 191Km FAI
03xx 15*2006.06.24AtBregenzerwaldAndelsbuchN         Nova JambooP.MedicusTandem Course
03xx  2006.06.18AtPinzgauSchmittenhöheN 1850m 1150m2:45    Stratus 6.23CompSchmittenpokal : Task 3
03xx  2*2006.06.17AtPinzgauSchmittenhöheN 1850m 1150m2:31    Stratus 6.23CompSchmittenpokal : Freeflying- lopp 2 the east + some toplanding
03xx  2*2006.06.17AtPinzgauSchmittenhöheN 1850m 1150m1:52    Stratus 6.23CompSchmittenpokal :  Freeflying- Pass Thurn and Back + some toplanding
03xx  2006.06.16AtPinzgauSchmittenhöheN 1850m 1150m1:55    Stratus 6.23CompSchmittenpokal : Task 2
03xx  2006.06.15AtPinzgauSchmittenhöheN 1850m 1150m4:58   +++Stratus 6.23CompSchmittenpokal : Task 1 : My longest task so far: 124Km FAI Triangle
03xx 4*2006.06.10DeSchwaeb Alb Neuffen NordN 784m 220m3:49    Stratus 6.23P.KörberToo much wind in the alps: Nice Soaring at the Neuffen castle: 1:30 + 1:38 + 0:28 + 0:13
03xx2006.06.05DeSchwarzwald Oppenau Zuflucht Bawü06W    1:21


 Stratus 6.23many Bawü-Airgames '06: 2nd Task, Soaringtask, 6th
03xx 3*2006.06.04DeSchwarzwald Oppenau Zuflucht Bawü06NW    0:58


 Stratus 6.23many Bawü-Airgames '06: Freeflying: No task, wind too ugly 0:06 + 0:14 + 0:38
03xx 2006.06.03DeSchwarzwald Oppenau Zuflucht Bawü06NW    2:09


++Stratus 6.23many Bawü-Airgames '06: First Task. long oneway to the south: finished 9th
03xx 2*2006.06.02DeSchwarzwald Oppenau Ost Bawü06NO    1:41


 Stratus 6.23many Bawü-Airgames '06: Freeflying, no task , rain in the morning 1:25 + 0:16
03xx 2*2006.05.26At Seeboden, KärntenGoldeckW 2:10 Stratus 6.23PWCPWC-Austria: Cancelled again: 2 Flights from goldeck, just Playing in strange winds...
03xx2006.05.25At Seeboden, KärntenGöriacher AlmS   3:23  Stratus 6.23PWCPWC-Austria: 1st and only task: 106km planned, but cloud coverage stopped everybody soon
03xx2006.05.23At Seeboden, KärntenGöriacher AlmS   0:24  Stratus 6.23PWCPWC-Austria: Cancelled, noch mehr Wind, ruppiger Abgleiter zum Landeplatz
03xx2006.05.22At Seeboden, KärntenGöriacher AlmS   0:41  Stratus 6.23PWCPWC-Austria: Cancelled, zuviel Wind, nur Abgleiter zum Landeplatz
03xx2006.05.19De BerchtesgadenJennerW 1700m11200:15  Nova ArtaxK.B.Dt Meistersch. Cancelled: Kein Track:IQsonic: Just a last glide down to say goodbye to Bgd
03xx 2*2006.05.18De BerchtesgadenJennerW 1700m11201:00  Nova ArtaxStefan MeyerDt Meistersch. Cancelled: Kein Track:IQsonic: 2 Flights for the Tandem-Intro Video
03xx2006.05.16De BerchtesgadenJennerW 1700m11200:45  Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenDt Meistersch. Cancelled  Kein Track:IQsonic
03xx2006.05.15De BerchtesgadenJennerW 1700m11202:58

++Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenDt Meistersch. The only Task of this competition. Nice flight but sometimes a bit windy.
03xx2006.05.13De BerchtesgadenJennerW 1700m11200:27  Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenDeutsche Meisterschaft: Cancelled: Quick Evening Flight after biking with Olli, almost no thermals
03xx2006.05.06De WallbergWallbergW 1530m8300:15  Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenBy Meistersch: Cancelled: Just a short last glide down
03xx2006.05.05De WallbergWallbergW 1530m830 2:29  Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenBy Meistersch Task 5: Short Race over 32Kms
03xx2006.05.04De WallbergWallbergW 1530m8303:47  Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenBy Meistersch Task 4 : goto east through lees, then cancelled
03xx2006.05.03De WallbergWallbergW 1530m8305:25 +++Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenBy Meistersch Task 3: Innsbruck and Back: 117Km : The longest Task ever flown from Germany
03xx2006.05.02De WallbergWallbergW 1530m8301:14


 Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenBy Meistersch Cancelled:Freeflying unmotivated.
03xx2006.05.01De WallbergWallbergW 1530m8303:38

++Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenBy Meistersch Task 2: Rofan and Back, 60Km
03xx2006.04.30De WallbergWallbergW 1530m8302:53

+Swing Stratus 6.23By-OpenBayrische Meisterschaft Task1: 1 Place Elapsed Time Race, just around the valley 2 times
03xx 2*2006.04.23Ch GraubündenFanas W 1640m7442:01  Swing Stratus 6.23Marcin K.Bad conditions: Toplanded when everybody went down. Had some nice playing with Sassauna-Peak, soaring a few meters over the snow
03xx2006.04.22Ch GraubündenFanas W 1640m11007:30

+++Swing Stratus 6.23Marcin K.205Km OLC-Distance: My longest flight so far!
03xx2006.04.15It Bassano Süd N/O  3:48

++Swing Stratus 6.23Marcin K.Weak thermals after rain in the morning: Soaring with SW Wind : very nice
03xx2006.04.14It Bassano Süd N/O  4:01

++Swing Stratus 6.23Marcin K.The first long flight in Europe after the winter: Nice to get some warm air here!
03xx2* 2006.04.08De Garmisch Wank SW  1:30 Swing Stratus 6.23Stratus6.232 Flights. FreeFlight Messe Garmisc
03xx2006.04.02De Stuttgart Kleinheppacher Kopf SO 450m150m 0:35 Swing Stratus 6.23U.L.Starkwind soaring, sonst mal wieder keiner Rausetraut. Video von  Uli
03xx2006.03.25BrCasteloUba     3:37

 Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTask 6: Goal! Race to the sea
03xx2006.03.24BrCasteloUba     2:50  Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTask 5: Landed after Hill with coalmine
03xx2006.03.23BrCasteloUba     1:02    Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTask 4: Landed on Tree
03xx2006.03.22BrCasteloUba     3:15    Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTask 3: landing in small village w cows&kids
03xx2006.03.21BrCasteloUba     4:06

 Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTask 2: made Goal: Task shape half circle, bumpy bowl landing
03xx2006.03.20BrCasteloUba     3:06  Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTask 1:6th Place after lead gaggle went down.
03xx2006.03.17BrCasteloUba     2:05    Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTraining Day
03xx2006.03.15BrCasteloUba     1:12

 Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTraining Day
03xx2006.03.14BrCasteloApenin     1:05  Swing Stratus 6.23PWCTraining Day: Directly after arrival of the overnight bus, the Slovenian Team took us up he the Apenin start. Had to get used to weak thermals
03xx 3*2006.02.26DeSchwaeb Alb Neuffen NordN 784m 220m1:52    Swing Stratus 6.22P.Körber3 Flights in the snowfall, very cold  0:36 + 1:05 + 0:11
03xx2006.02.18De Stuttgart Kleinheppacher Kopf SO 150m 2:00 Swing Stratus 6.22St SchlangStarkwind-soaren ...
02xx2006.01.13. Za Cape Town Lions Head     -353 0:59     S.Stratus5.23 Stef Juncker Trying apostles but too weak …
02xx2006.01.13 ZaNear Cape Town Sir Lowrys Pass     -311 2:44     S.Stratus5.23 Stef Juncker Beautiful flight with Stef along ridge, top N-Wind
02xx2006.01.10 Za Cape Town Lions Head     -372 0:38     S.Stratus5.23 Stef Juncker normal short thermal flight
02xx2006.01.09 ZaCape Town Lions Head     -173 0:23     S.Stratus5.23 Stef Juncker Realized too late that Wind from SE was too strong
02xx2006.01.07 Za Cape Town Macassar     -25 1:17     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Beautiful soaring in 40+ Wind with seagulls
02xx2006.01.04 ZaWilderness Serpentine     -133 0:06     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Just a short moring glide
02xx2005.12.31 Za Wilderness Sedgefield     -5 0:39     S.Stratus5.23K.Brabetz nice soaring/thermalling
02xx2005.12.31 ZaWilderness Sedgefield     3 0:21     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz nice soaring/thermalling
02xx2005.12.31 Za Wilderness Sedgefield     31 1:00     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz KB Tandemflug
02xx2005.12.30 ZaWilderness Map of Africa     -118 0:33     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Boring Soaring with Semih
02xx2005.12.30 Za Wilderness Map of Africa     2 0:21     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Boring Soaring with Semih
02xx2005.12.30 ZaWilderness Map of Africa     1 0:04     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Boring Soaring with Semih
02xx2005.12.30 Za Wilderness Map of Africa     5 0:26     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Boring Soaring with Semih
02xx2005.12.30 ZaWilderness Map of Africa     -123 1:07     S.Stratus5.23K.Brabetz Boring Soaring with Semih
02xx2005.12.30 Za Wilderness Map of Africa     -145 0:06     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Boring Soaring with Semih
02xx2005.12.28 ZaHermanus Hermanus     -209 1:21     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Nice small XC-flight
02xx2005.12.27 Za Hermanus Hermanus     -204 0:20     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz failed XC attempt
02xx2005.12.27 ZaHermanus Hermanus     10 1:04     S.Stratus5.23 K.Brabetz Nice small XC-flight
02xx2005.12.24 Za Porterville Porterville     -538 1:24     S.Stratus5.23 Konrad Görg All-African Open, Task 6
02xx2005.12.24 ZaPorterville Porterville     -383 0:16     S.Stratus5.23 Stefan Mayer All-African Open, Task 6, Down to tukey-patch
02xx2005.12.23 Za Porterville Porterville     -513 3:25     S.Stratus5.23St Schlang All-African Open, Task 5, Ridge to Citrusdal
02xx2005.12.22 ZaPorterville Porterville     -532 3:03     S.Stratus5.23 U.Probst All-African Open, Task 4, Flatland
02xx2005.12.21 Za Porterville Porterville     -179 3:22     S.Stratus5.23M.Bunse All-African Open, Task 3, Strong Wind Citrusvalley
02xx2005.12.20 ZaPorterville Porterville     -522 3:17     S.Stratus5.23Pepe Malecki All-African Open, Task 2, Ridge to Citrusdal
02xx2005.12.18 ZaPorterville Porterville     -451 2:13     S.Stratus5.23U.Probst All-African Open, Task 1, Flatland
02xx2005.12.16 ZaDe Aar Airfield     283 2:55     S.Stratus5.23 U.Probst 100Km XC Howling wind, crash after ridge
02xx2005.12.13 Za De Aar Airfield     36 3:40     S.Stratus5.23 U.Probst Ladies Challenge: 140Km XC, gentle wind, Task3, long way home
02xx2005.12.12 ZaDe Aar Airfield     22 0:57     S.Stratus5.23 U.Probst Ladies Challenge: Task 2
02xx2005.12.12 Za De Aar Airfield     50 0:52     S.Stratus5.23 U.Probst Ladies Challenge: Task 1
02xx 2!2005.12.11 ZaDe Aar Airfield     851 0:20     S.Stratus5.23 U.Probst Towing-Unsuccessful
02xx 3!2005.12.10 Za De Aar Airfield     3 0:30     S.Stratus5.23 U.Probst Towing-Unsuccessful
02x 2!2005.10.30It Dolomiti Col Rodella   3:20 Nova ArtaxO.PeglowVery weak conditions - made a crossing to Langkofel and back (Alex Schalber was the only other pilot to do so)
02x 2!2005.10.29It Dolomiti Col Rodella   3:00 Nova ArtaxO.PeglowVery weak conditions - made a crossing to Pordoi and back (Alex Schalber was the only other pilot to do so)
02xx2005.10.22De Stuttgart Kleinheppacher Kopf SO 150m 2:00 Nova Artax   
02xx2005.10.16 It Dolomiti Col Rodella   3:30 Nova ArtaxP.Körber2nd Attempt to get on Marmlada, but thermals too week in S-Face. couldn't even get back to sella
02 2!2005.10.15 It Dolomiti Col Rodella   3:10 Nova ArtaxU.MüBlüAttempt to get on Marmolada, but thermals too week in S-Face
02 3!2005.10.01It Dolomiti Col Rodella 3:50 Stratus 5.22SwingSwing OLC-Party
02xx2005.09.29 Fr Provence AspresNW  3:38   Nova ArtaxK.B. 
02xx2005.09.29 Fr Provence VerdonNW  0:17   Nova ArtaxK.B. 
02xx2005.09.29 Fr Provence St. Andre NW  2:38   Nova ArtaxK.B. 
02xx 3!2005.09.20Fr Provence St. Andre NW  4:45   Nova ArtaxK.B.The first good day: Started too early, landing halfway down. Second Flight: 4:29 up N to Cheval Blanc
02xx2005.09.19 Fr Provence DigneNW800m 1:30   Nova ArtaxK.B.Drove up to Courbons walked up through the maccia until I found a place to start. Fleeing the rain then soaring directly E above Digne
02xx2005.09.18 Fr Provence St.Vincent les FortsNW  0:14   Nova ArtaxK.B.Too much wind in the Rhone valley (Mistral), not enough here - beautiful site but no luck
02xx2005.09.04Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 6:00olc Airwave Magic FR2Günni 
02xx2005.09.03Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 3:15  Airwave Magic FR2Tomek Z. 
02xx2005.09.03Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 3:00  Airwave Magic FR2T.Ide 
02xx2005.08.29 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 2:27 olc UP Targa2Tomek Z.Strong S winds: split up at Brig into east and west: up to Grimsel was easy, going back really bad. Then turbulent backwind to Sion-> Safety first with this glider - landed... 
02xx2005.08.28 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 2:25 olc UP Targa2---Veerry little thermals -some Playing and gliding at the treeline to Naters and (almost) back
02xx2005.08.28 Ch Wallis BellwaldNW 2160m 0:20  UP Targa2---Walk and Fly from Bellwald Ski lift area: Too much wind from the east, too rough, decided to land and go up with cablecar
02x2!2005.08.27 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 0:45  UP Targa2---2 Short downglides: One from Bellwald one from Fiesch
02xx2005.08.06 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 2:4499p Swing Stratus 5.22---This year Fiesch is a sad place ...
02xx2005.08.06 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 1:1515km Swing Stratus 5.22--- 
02xx2005.08.06 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 2:4487p Swing Stratus 5.22---Strong NW-Wind, little thermic, not too rough! Flew a small triangle and toplanded at the start...
02xx2005.07.30Si KobaridStolW 1000 7504:10 olc +Swing Stratus 5.22T.Ide,O.P.Slovenian Open '05:3.Place : Leading Group lands soon in Inversion, I fight and survive as 1 out of 25 ;-) Some slower followers took safer route then.
02xx2005.07.29Si KobaridStolW 1000 7503:58 olc +Stratus 5.22T.Ide,O.P.Slo Open:.Day started off strong, then got weaker - 6 Place, Landing & Party in Tolmin
02xx2005.07.28Si KobaridStolW 1000 7502:51 olc +Stratus 5.22T.Ide,O.P.Slo Open: Great day: 8.Place Landing & Party in DresNica
02xx2005.07.27Si KobaridStolW 1000 7500:45   +Stratus 5.22T.Ide,O.P.Slo Open: Inversion too strong: Everybody made a looong glide down ...
02xx2005.07.26Si KobaridStolW 1000 7502:12 olc  +Stratus 5.22T.Ide,O.P.Slo Open: Perfect long & fast flying day, but was cancelld due to helicopter rescue :-(
02xx2005.07.25Si KobaridStolW 1000 7500:52   +Stratus 5.22T.Ide,O.P.Slo Open: Inversion too strong: Everybody made a looong glide down ...
02xx2005.07.24Si KobaridStolW 1000 7502:15   +Stratus 5.22T.Ide,O.P.Slo Open: Stol Tolmin and back, but nobody made the final stretch  back to camp
02xx2005.07.23Si KobaridKukO 1000 7502:05 +Swing Stratus 5.22T.Ide,O.P.Slovenian Open '05: Free flying before Competition
02xx2005.07.09De AlbBei Neidlingen NO 3:19 20Km +Nova Tattoo C---My longest flight on the Alb so far, almost nothing distancewise, but some nice views
02xx2005.07.02 At Rhön Wasserkuppe     W 3:44 +Nova Tattoo CThomas IdeThe Wasserkuppe was the historical place where soaring planes were flown first. We went to the Clubs festival and I won the pretty title "Rhönmeister"
02xx2005.05.26At Vorarlberg Andelsbuch     NW 2:30 Nova ArtaxPCSClub-Championships Day 2: Finished first place
02xx2005.06.25At Vorarlberg Andelsbuch     NW 5:12 ++Nova ArtaxPCSAfter everybody else landed, I felt a little lonely ;-) I got wet in the rainshowers, dried in the sun again and listened to Radio FM4 the whole day: Great!
02xx2005.06.25At Vorarlberg Andelsbuch     NW 0:30 Nova ArtaxPCSClub-Championships Day 1
02xx2005.06.24 De PfrontenBreitenberg     NW 1576m 670m 1:27 igc-Nova Tattoo C T.IdeTried the new Tattoo C. Didn't find much lift on the North and then tried in the South: 2 hours of Leeflying can make you a bit seasick ;-)
02xx2005.06.17DeWallberg WallbergE    2:00    Nova Tattoo SP.K., T.Z.German Cup, 2nd Task: Rough conditions against the Wind
02xx2005.06.17DeWallberg WallbergW    0:15   ++++Nova ArtaxP.K., T.Z.My first night flight! Started at midnight on the peak of the Wallberg right next to the "Sonnwendfeuer" :
02xx2005.06.17DeWallberg WallbergW    1:50    Nova ArtaxP.K., T.Z.Beautiful evening Flight with some toplandings.
02xx2005.06.1DeWallberg WallbergW    0:15    UP Kantega SP.K., T.Z.Walk (1h15 for 800m with full gear) and fly: Borrowed my wing to a lady and used her Small Kantega: Felt like a skydiver! ;-)
02xx2005.06.17DeWallberg WallbergNW    2:23    Nova Tattoo SP.K., T.Z.German Cup, 1st Task: Very weak conditions. Was able to fly in leading group with Axel Baudendistel & Rüdiger Gördes most of the way and finished 3rd.
02xx2005.06.12DeSchwarzwald BadenBaden, MerkurW    0:34    Swing Stratus  5.23---After a loooong hitchhike&bus return from my XC, I came back to the hill. The sun was already setting, so it was only some "Boring Soaring" but quite enjoyable in the mellow air!
02xx2005.06.12DeSchwarzwald BadenBaden, MerkurSW    1:32    Swing Stratus  5.23---My only XC-test on the Stratus: flew to Pforzheim where the cloudcover stopped the thermals.
02xx2005.06.11DeSchwarzwald Oppenau ZufluchtW    0:25    Advance Omega---Testing new Wings: Omega 6.27: Surprisingly agile wing! No reaction to weight shift, but *very* sensitive to the brakes! After my Friend had an accident with this model recently when it went negative, I experimented a little bit with the stall-point and... Damn, that thing really stalls quickly! Otherwise nice Design! Easiest accelerator ever!
02xx2005.06.11DeSchwarzwald Oppenau ZufluchtW    0:32    Swing Cirrus---Testing new Wings: Swing Cirrus 4.22:  Very agile wing! Much better handling than the Stratus. Can't say anything on performance though.
02xx2005.06.11DeSchwarzwald Oppenau ZufluchtW    1:15    Swing Stratus  5.23---Testing new Wings: Swing Stratus 5.23: Great wing! Performance seems great, Speeder is easy  to push, slicing through turbulences insted of and Safety is amazing for that class!   Not so nice: Effective thermalling more difficult, handling not agile and relatively high brake pressure needed!
02xx 2*2005.05.29AtPinzgau WildkogelS    7:12

 ++Nova ArtaxS.HutmachAnother try: Thermals started very late, and I had too much weight with me (18Kg!) -> Toplanded and dropped the weight. 0:53 + 6:09
02xx2005.05.28AtPinzgau WildkogelN    7:38

 +++Nova ArtaxS.HutmachMy new record: 160km simply up and down the valley: Nice views, but a bit boring from the tactics...
02xx 2*2005.05.27AtAchensee Rofanbahn-    3:04

 ++Nova X176M.EderTesting new Wings: The proto of new Nova Tycoon (DHV 2-3) . Nice start, rough end ;-) -> 2nd flight to get home... 2:56 + 1:08
02xx2005.05.26DeAllgaeu LaberN    5:45

 ++Nova Tattoo ST.Ide.D.B.Testing new Wings: Nova Tattoo S -  Trying Thomas Ides new plan for  a Laber FAI triangle
02xx2005.05.16DeSchwarzwald Oppenau Zuflucht     0:30


 Zoom RacemanyBaWü-Open '05: Won the Funcup with this fligth!
02xx2005.05.15DeSchwarzwald Oppenau Zuflucht     0:45


 Nova ArtaxmanyBaWü-Open '05 Very wet day
02xx 3*2005.05.13DeSchwarzwald Oppenau Zuflucht     1:26

 Zoom RacemanyBaWü-Open '05 2 Short Flights during Window. Conditions got fine after Window close. Testing Zoom Race, nice, but a bit too nervous.
02xx2005.05.12DeSchwarzwald Oppenau Ost     0:23


---Nova ArtaxK.BrabetzSoaring in winds with gusts of more than 50Km/h - Ouch ...
02xx2005.05.09PkIslamabad Ridge N of Islamabad     1:05   +Nova ArtaxR.KlusacekSajjad Shah took us to a start on the ridge behing Islamabad. Played in the lee for 1 hour.
02xx2005.05.23PkKarimabad Eagles Nest     1:33   +Nova ArtaxRKA last shorter flight around teh Hunza Valley bowl, before we head back to Gilgit by jeep.
02xx2005.05.23PkKarimabad Eagles Nest     3:05

+Nova ArtaxRKFlight to Khyber - Details to follow ...
02272005.05.23PkKarimabad Eagles Nest     2:38

+Nova ArtaxRKFlight to Gulmit - Details to follow ...
02262005.05.03PkNanga Parbat Fairy Meadows  3300m 21005:44

+Nova ArtaxRKMy longest flight in Pk: 105km - The only day with real high cloudbase (4800m) -> I wanted to fly towards Karimabad, but route was more or less defined by rain at both ends (first west, then east)
02252005.05.02PkNanga Parbat Fairy Meadows  3300m  3:10

+Nova ArtaxRKMy first flight in the Himalayas! started directly at Basecamp odf 8125
02242005.04.29PkNear Islamabad Khanpur LakeSW    3:30   +Nova ArtaxRKSome playing to show the local pilots what is possible. landed near lake in beautiful light conditions.
02232005.04.28PkAbottabad Hil near downtownSW    0:08   +Nova ArtaxRKShort glide down - Landet on college ground
02222005.04.28PkNear Islamabad Khanpur LakeSW    3:01   +Nova ArtaxRKLong flight to Wahids home in Abottabad, landing in military area
02212005.04.25AfKabulSwamp     0:05   +Nova ArtaxRKA short photo-flight for 2 German journalists that wanted to write an article about us.
02202005.04.24AfKabul French Post     2:25   +Nova ArtaxRKMore tries to soar at the french post: The wind was changing very often...
02122005.04.23AfKabulSwamp     1:45   +Nova ArtaxRKGreat soaring in the morning, nice view of flooded area near Kabul, Wind changed later
02102005.04.22AfKabul French Post     1:50  exmpl +Nova ArtaxRKSome more short flights,  ... 2 unintended touch-&-go's in the mine field :-(
02022005.04.21AfKabul French Post     1:00   +Nova ArtaxR.KlusacekWent flying directly after arriving from Airport! Not enought wind, 5 short glides.
01972005.04.15 De Schwarzwald Oppenau SW 3:00 -" U.Probst Not enough altitude for XC.Did 20+ toplandings instead
01962005.04.15De Schwarzwald Oppenau SW 0:26 -" U.Probst 2 Short flights because the wind changed the direction
01942005.04.14De Schwarzwald Oppenau SW 2:30 -" U.Probst Tried to go a little XC, but winds too strong to go upwind and not reliable enough to go downwind. Did 20+ toplandings instead
M0044 2005.04.10De Alb Hayingen Flugplatz SW    0:20 Nova Artax (!) LofriTesting Motors from www.msparalfly.de found thermic and switched off motor and circelled around for some time!
01932005.04.03 Ch Jura Obere Wengi SO 3:51 119p +Nova Artax P.WüestBecause of the Föhn, the Jura seemed like the perfect area, and I met Patrik (along with 200+ other pilots). Flying there is different then elsewhere, sth. inbetween Mountain- and Flatland-Flying. Saw the Chasseral and then the thermic stopped to leave us all sitting on the ground whereever we were.
01922005.04.02 Ch Berner Grindelwald First S 4:47 137p ++Nova Artax -Tried to climb the Eiger Northface, but too much loose powder snow stopped us. Then headed over to the first and still had a great day flying a nice 70Km FAI-triangle
01912005.04.02 Ch Berner Grindelwald First S 0:20 Nova Artax -short flight to get warm
01902005.03.07 Ch 4waldstaettersee Wirzweli W 0:10 Nova Artax KaiLoefflerAs it began to rain in Laveno, we left and made a brief stop in .ch to make a short walk and glide.
01892005.03.07 Ch Lago Maggiore Mt. Sasso - 800m 4:30 0Nova Artax KLOvercast seemed to make thermal flying impossible -> walked up Sasso to glide down but found te sun crawling out late and this allowed flying till late again!
01872005.03.07 Ch Lago Maggiore Mt. Nudo SW 900m 8:00 olc Nova Artax KLThe cloud base was not very high, lots of moisture/fog in the air -> no real XC possible but playing in around laveno until after sun went down.
01862005.03.07 Ch Tessin Gana N! 0:10 olc +Nova Artax KLDespite the lenticularis clouds indicating Foehn, we tried the flying and it was pretty good up there.
M0043 2005.03.14De Worms Worms: Airport SW    0:30 Arcus M ASW2 more evening flights to celebrate the new license ;-)
M00412005.03.14De Worms Buerstadt S 0:30 Arcus MASWMy Exam: 3 short Flights on a little landing field near Worms
M00382005.02.06De Tuebingen Weilheim ONO  800m 3:00 Arcus MMW20 flights! Did some nice tours across Tuebingen, and landed on a frozen lake, sliding with my feet over it for 500m before taking off again ;-)
M00182005.02.05De Tuebingen Weilheim ONO 320m2:00 igc Arcus MMW15 flights in one day: good conditions: gentle winds! Even did some shorter tours in the area see example
M00042005.01.16De Tuebingen Weilheim - 100m0:18 Arcus MMW3 more flights: Very hard conditions: absolutely no wind at all :-(
M00012005.01.15De Tuebingen Weilheim: Motor - 100m0:08 Arcus MM.WagnerMy first motor-flight, started a course
01852005.01.07 Ch Kandersteg Oeschinensee R 400m 0:10 Nova Artax - Walked up and flew above the Ice-climbing festival tower, which amused Will Gadd who climbed there ;-)
0184 2004.12.11 At Vorarlberg Diedamskopf W 0:30 Nova Artax D.E.2 short winter-flights, only minimal thermic. Threw reserve to test how this works
0182 2004.10.31 De Stuttgart Kleinheppacher Kopf NO 150m 0:02 Nova Artax S.H. A very short autumn flight above yellow wine leaves. Gentle rotor, no problem
0181 2004.10.23 At Tannheim Fuessener Joechel W 1060m 2:40 30p Nova Artax A.H. 2 Flights: one short, thermic not enough, landet a little ways down. Then great autumn flight along Gimpel and the climbers on the face. 100s of PG on Neuner (other side of valley)
0179 2004.10.23 At Lechtal Hahnenkamm SW 1340m 2:30 30p Nova Artax A.H. 1h playing  and 1:30h XC
0178 2004.10.16 Es Andalucia Herradura SW 3:00 +++ Nova Artax S.Schlang Flew a last time above the beach and the villas into the sunset: A great Happy End! ;-)
0177 2004.10.16 Es Andalucia Otivar W 4:20 Nova Artax S.Schlang 2 Flights: 0:15 & 1:30, tried XC to Herradura, endet in 10Km hike out of the valley
0175 2004.10.15 Es Andalucia Cenes W 4:20 Nova Artax S.Schlang 3 Flights, 3 Hikes half way back up to the start :-( Thermals shut down several times, Evening: the whole area has gentle lift
0172 2004.10.14 Es Andalucia Loja W 2:00 Nova Artax S.H. 2 Flights, flew in front of windmills, Impressive scenery
0170 2004.10.13 Es Andalucia Las Sabinas, Sierra NW 3:30 Nova Artax S.H. 3 Flights, 1h 2h, 0.5h Thermic began at 1PM and stayed weak, loooong fight to stay up. Last flight flew all the way to cenes
0167 2004.10.12 Es Andalucia Orgiva NW 1:00 " S.H. 2 Flights, Very little Thermic, fight against the sink then long glide to the riverbed
0165 2004.10.11 Es Andalucia Cenes NW 5:00 + " S.H. 2 Flights, Tried to go XC but failed in both directions, then trained  many toplandings in the second flight
0163 2004.10.11 Es Andalucia Herradura W 3:00 +++ " S.H. Hefty winds, hit telephone-pole hard :-( Flight georgeous, view on nice villas with pool until sunset! Wind up to 55km!
0162 2004.10.11 Es Andalucia Adlerhorst, I NW 2:00 ++ " S.H. Flew out to the beach. Strong winds
0161 2004.10.10 Es Andalucia La Calahorra NW 0:20 ++ " S.H. Started on parking of lookout point: Beautiful scenery: Green pine trees above  the dry sierra near. Near brown castle w 4 towers?
0160 2004.10.10 Es Andalucia Castala NW 0:45 " S.HutmachStrong wind, at the end more than 50km/h, landed top backwards
0159 2004.09.18 Tz Usambara Lushoto, Miziyangembe SO 3:29 olc " OGDay of return, flew over 95km from start, many hefty frontstalls, rough conditions
0158 2004.09.17 Tz Usambara Lushoto, Antenna SO 3:15 " " OG3 Flights, first time with my new Harness, Ava Sport Eiger. Flew all day, no bigger complaints. Landed next to lawns
0155 2004.09.16 Tz Usambara Lushoto, Miziyangembe SO 3:45 igc " OG110km (with toplanding) along Usambara Mts. then flatland to S.Pare Mts until Same
0153 2004.09.14 Tz Usambara Lushoto, Miziyangembe SO 3:25 " " OGFlew triangle: along ridge to Irente, then into Mts. past antenna and further N
0151 2004.09.13 Tz Usambara Lushoto, Antenna SO 0:20 " " O.Guenay After arrival a short soaring flight. Little 'mishap' with a tree on a cliff ...
0150 2004.09.06 It Dolomiti Col Rodella SO 5:00 " S.H3 flights: Clouds im the Morning, strong winds later. First flew east some distance and back. Then one flight around Langkofel, and soaring til 6PM
0147 2004.09.05 It Dolomiti Col Rodella NO 6:00 " S.Huthm.The perfect day! Toplandet Marmolada after only 1h30 and continued to make a 75 FAI triangle
0146 2004.08.29 De Garmisch Kreuzeck NW 650m 0:15 " - No Thermik: Walked up 650m in 1h (full equipment) and flew down
0145 2004.08.28 De Garmisch Wank W   2:49 54p + " - Went to German Cup with P.Koerber, but decided to try XC with Dominik instead. Saw where I climbed in  the DammKar years ago!
0144 2004.08.22 De Schwaeb Alb bei Neidlingen N 250m 0:10 " - Wind wasn't enough for soaring
0143 2004.08.20 De Stuttgart Kleinheppacher Kopf W 150m 0:05 " D.End 2 short flights, walk&talk&fly
0141 2004.08.08 Ch Grindelwald First SW 2290m 2;26 " OG3 Flights: thermic died out inbetween: 1:31 + 0:23 + 0:22
0138 2004.08.07 Ch Interlaken Amisbuel SW 1310m 1:20 " O.Guenay Just some playing around, training fullstalls, met Dominik Eller from Nz, cool guy
0137 2004.08.06 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden SO 2160m 3:22 88p " S.Schlang Rain in the night, clouds, minimal thermic
0136 2004.08.04 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 2:00 " S.Schlang Walk & Fly, just for fun, Playing & Toplandings
0135 2004.08.03 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 3:32 126p ++ " A.Studer Biasca with Alfredo Studer:Thunderstorms east and west, so south was the only way out
0134 2004.08.02 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 6:44 190p +++ " M.Haubt Domodossola: Used North wind to end flight in italy: no thermic there
0133 2004.08.01 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 7:28 251p +++ " M.Haubt My longest flight so far! Crans Montana: brutal fight against the west wind
0132 2004.07.31 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 6:15 176p ++ " R.Buff Begin of Saas-valley: Couldn't get further west (wind) tested Saas valley, and escaped only closely
0131 2004.07.30 Ch Wallis Fiesch, Kuehboden NW 2160m 6:31 147p ++ " R.Buff Simplon - fist to Grimsel then back : couldn't get further west (wind) tested Simplon, couldn't get back out again
0130 2004.07.30 Ch Wallis Furka W 2400m 330m 0:17 " - Just a little Morning Flight: Started next to car at pass, and gained altitude! Fun on the way south.
0129 2004.07.25 De Stuttgart Neidlingen SW 729m 186m 0:54 - " D.End 3 Flights: First time on the Schwaebische Alb: Not a big success: Conditions very weak. One longer flight: 0:44 + 2 short glides down
0126 2004.07.18 At ? Areaname ?Koessen S 1545m 912m 4:00 68p + " KL,MH,PM Did a flight east to 'Au' and back to Koessen, nice area!
0125 2004.07.17 At Kufstein Hohe Salve S 1700m 1000m 2:13 igc++ " K.Loeffler Finally gained enough to jump to the Wilder Kaiser and Kufstein. took part in the Aerorsport Fest Sternflug: walked (run) the rest to Brannenburg, won the 3rd place ;-)
0124 2004.07.17 At Kufstein Hohe Salve S 1700m 0m 2:27 igc- " DE,KL 2 Flights: Trying to gain altitude to make a jump to the next hill: failed and had to topland 2 times: weak conditions 1:31 + 0:56
0122 2004.07.16 At Chiemgau Hochries N 1700m 1000 3:14  - " DE,KL 3 Flights: Weak conditions: had to land 2 times: did some Walk & fly. Did an ugly start :-(  1:46 + 0:43 + 0:45
0119 2004.07.11 De Stuttgart Kleinheppacher Kopf SW 150m 0:15 " D.End 4 short flights, walk&talk&fly&walk&talk&fly&... ;-) very little wind.
0115 2004.06.26 De Allgaeu, Pfronten,Breitenberg     NW 1576m 670m 1:27 igc++ " O.Guenay After the comp, I flew around in the area a bit to see some more and enjoy
0114 2004.06.26 De AllgaeuBreitenberg NW 1576m 670m 1:46 27p igc+++ " O.Guenay I wanted to visit Oliver Guenay and ended up winning the Breitenberg-Competiton. Read more here
0113 2004.05.31 At Vorarlberg Andelsbuch     NW 4:02 " D.End 2 flights after hitchhiking back to Bezau. First thermal flying then soaring until the sun went down. 30+ Toplandings
0111 2004.05.31 At Vorarlberg Bezau     NW 2:27 olc igc " D.End Started as second in Bezau, flew fast to Widderstein, then wrong decision to cross valley instead of going east.
0110 2004.05.30 At Vorarlberg Andelsbuch     NW 3:52 + " D.End Afternoon drive to Andelsbuch, then soaring until the sun went down. 30+ Toplandings
0109 2004.05.30 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Wirzweli     N 5:51 148p igc++++ " AF A combination of previous attempts. Conditions good at start, then pretty difficult: Clouds on the way back, soared along ridge with gentle wind
0108 2004.05.29 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Emmetten, Niderbauen  N 1:27 + " AF Second attempt as remedy for morning desaster: Weak conditions, barely made it back to car over to Dallenwil
0107 2004.05.29 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Emmetten, Niderbauen  N 0:54 + " AF Playing, toplanding
0106 2004.05.29 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Wirzweli     N 2:04 - " AF Attempted flight to Interlaken. Was far too low and south over Bruenig pass -> Thrown into Meiringen valley ... :-(
0105 2004.05.28 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Emmetten, Niderbauen  N 2:39 olc igc  " AF Managed to fly to Engelberg, back and over the lake, against the wind an low cloudbase :-)
0104 2004.05.28 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Emmetten, Niderbauen  N 0:40 " AF Training Spirals
0103 2004.05.28 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Emmetten, Niderbauen  N 1:13 " AF Training many toplandings
0102 2004.05.28 Ch Tessin Santa Maria N 0:23 -- " AF Ouch: N-Wind was not predictable, clouds moved everywhere. Got seasick, horrible... (I seem to love rotors ...)
0101 2004.05.24 It Lecco Picco Erna SW 1:27 +++ " AF Veery nice, evening flight over the city of Lecco downtown, landed in the football field in the center. Difficult take-off dep. on wind
0099 2004.05.24 It Laveno Mt. Nudo SW 3:32 +++ " AF Nice place once you find it ;-) Great view on many Lakes in the area. Managed to get to Mt. Lema and back despite sub-optimal conditions
0098 2004.05.24 Ch Tessin Cimetta SW 4:05 62pt igc+++ " AF Great panorama of Maggia Valley
0097 2004.05.20 DeSchwarzwald Oppenau SW 0:43 " AF Bawue Open, morning flight, landed to see start of the race.
0096 2004.05.20 De Schwarzwald Oppenau SW 2:30 ++ " AF Bawue Open, joined the competitors in part of the task, great to fly next to Achim Joos ;-)
0095 2004.05.20 De Schwarzwald Oppenau SW 1:54 " AF Bawue Open, trained some toplandings, wind very turbulent
0094 2004.05.20 De Schwarzwald Oppenau SW 1:12 " AF Bawue Open, evening flight back to Oppenau
0093 2004.05.15 Ch Grandvillard Ridge above HG-Start NO 0:43 -- " TS Started into wind that looked normal, but was a rotor. Flight with 60km/h+ wind, landed with 55km :-(
0092 2004.05.15 Ch Blumenstein Mentschelealp N1 1:35 olc igc +++ " TS Start at 16h30 Thought no chance, but N-Wind soaring until way above ridge, traversed until next to Bonistock
0091 2004.05.15 Ch Blumenstein Mountain near Blst. N2 1:56 - " TS Difficult start, took 3 approaches :-( Lost height to the west, landed halfway down &walked 2nd time :-(
0090 2004.05.15 Ch Blumenstein Mentschelealp N1 - 0:57 + " TS Nice flight with several toplandings
0089 2004.05.15 Ch Blumenstein Mentschelealp N1 - 1:07 + " TS Walked up, 1h30 then toplanding, to wait for Tobi
0088 2004.05.14 Ch Interlaken Amisbuel NW 1 1310m 2:35 42pt igc+ " TS Start 46.42'0234 / 7.49'2924    
0087 2004.05.14 Ch Interlaken Luegibruegli      NW 1 ? 3:10 olc +++ " TS Superb flight: nice views on the lake and Distance-flying up to Meiringen
0086 2004.04.27 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Rotenfluh     N 1 1480m 863m 1:01 + " - Great panorama, Mythen next to it looks nice. Clouds prevented a good start to get over to Mythen high enough :-(
0085 2004.04.27 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Stoos     N 1 1413m 614m 0:12 " - Just a glide down to the car
0084 2004.04.27 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Fronalpstock     N 1 1615m 290m 0:12 -- " - Complete mistake: April is too early: cable car only to mid-station(Stoos), not enough thermic, didn't even make it above Stoos ...
0083 2004.04.26 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Wirzweli     igc pic anim NW 1430m 638m 4:00 37p ++ " M.SchreiberPossible to go near take-off with car (250hm) First real distance flying -  Basis 2000m
0082 2004.04.25 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Emmetten, Niderbauen     NO 1508m 577m 0:55 " MS Break after toplanding, very strong Wind
0081 2004.04.25 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Emmetten, Niderbauen  NO 1508m 0m 1:30 +++ " MS Incredible view on the lake, Biesen-Soaring, evenings are great! 9sfr for cablecar
0080 2004.04.25 Ch Vierwaldstaettersee Buelen     N 1128m 183m 1:33  + " MS small cablecar, 7sfr, friendly people, soaring with thermals could get to ridge there
0079 2004.04.17 De Baden Baden Merkur SW 400m 0:25 " MS A last glide in the afternoon
0078 2004.04.17 De Baden Baden Merkur SW 400m 1:35 ++ " MS Start at 12:30 - A great flight, good thermals, even flew to the Battert and watched the climbers there
0077 2004.04.17 De Baden Baden Merkur SW 400m 0:10 " MS A short glide in the morning
0076 2004.04.08 Ch Verbier Fontanays      W 2400m 1580m 1:20  ++ " - repeated 74 - then B-stall 800m to catch last cable-car. TS on ground, wind too strong for him
0075 2004.04.08 Ch Verbier Les Ruinettes  W 2200m 200m 1:05  +++ " - Cloudbase fr. 2800-3100 Flew along ColMines past Levron close to Martigny
0074 2004.04.08 Ch Verbier Les Attelas  W 2720m 520m 1:15  ++ " - L: Ruinettes - Mega-Thermic! 8.9+ lifts.
0073 2004.04.07 Ch Verbier Les Ruinettes  W 2200m 1380m 0:49  + " - L: Le Chable,gentle evening flight
0072 2004.04.06 Ch Verbier Les Ruinettes  W 2200m 1380m 0:30  + " - L: Le Chable but not at cable-car, more west, rough flight, wind at landing valley-outward
0071 2004.04.05 Ch Verbier Les Attelas  W 2720m  1900m 1:35  ++ " TS L: Le Chable, difficult start, N of station steep. 30min soaring to C.Mines, found thermic S of Ruinettes
0070 2004.04.04 Ch Verbier Les Ruinettes  W 2200m 1380m 0:32  + " - L: Le Chable, good thermic above downtown Verbier cable-car station
0069 2004.04.04 Ch Verbier Mont Fort  WSW 3250m 2430m 0:57  ++ " - L: Le Chable  no wind, made it 150m above C.Gentianes, then to Ruinettes along ridge, then no thermic down fast
0068 2004.04.03 Ch Verbier Les Ruinettes  SW 2200m 1380m 0:45  + " TS Landing: Le Chable (820m), thermic at forest-border below Ruinettes. With ski-group from S
0067 2004.03.30 Ie Connemara Crough Patrick NW 770m 700m 0:44 ++ " - Soaring until frozen. Clouds  came in very low. Start difficult bec. of rocks, 3 lines hurt
0066 2004.03.30 Ie Connemara Liscarney NW 500m 0:10 " - Just walked up a hill with sheep. Wind got less in the evening until I reached the top - no more soaring
0065 2004.03.07 De Stuttgart Kleinheppacher Kopf SW 150m 0:04 " AF Short flight, just for fun
0064 2003.12.13 Ch Kandersteg Oeschinensee 400m 0:10 " - Walked up and flew above the Ice-climbing festival tower, climbed there 30min later ;-)
0063 2003.12.13 Es Lanzarote Playa Quemada O 100m 0:45 ++ " FC Wind absolutely at minimum, barely carved along the cliff, 2 flights with toplandings
0062 2003.12.12 Es Lanzarote Macher O 400m 0:20 " FC Wind very strong, start OK 3/4 of hill, then went higher, standing still at trim
0061 2003.12.13 Es Lanzarote Macher O 400m 1:25 " - Toplandings and Touch&Go's, evening flight, no-one wanted to come after Quemada.
0060 2003.12.13 Es Lanzarote Playa Quemada O 145m 5:45 ++ " FC Halfway to Papagayo. Toplandings and Touch&Go's. Nice to soar so close above the waves.
0059 2003.12.12 Es Lanzarote Macher O 440m 3:20 " FC Trained many toplandings! Wind very weak towards evening
0058 2003.12.12 Es Lanzarote Macher O 530m 3:37 " FC Jumped to next hill and back 2 times
0057 2003.12.11 Es Lanzarote El Cuchillo NNO 750m 1:10 " FC Soaring the Rim of a little crater, thermic not strong, watched sunset from air
0056 2003.12.09 Es Lanzarote Famara, to Mirador NNW 750m 4:23 40km ++++ " FC Soaring Famara ridge, Direct Dist: 19,5 : total > 110 km ! Max Up: 4.7, Start @ 350m
0055 2003.12.09 Es Lanzarote Mala ONO 700m 1:10 " FC Super Thermic! Wind changed direction ~150 deg in < 10 Minutes!
0054 2003.12.08 Es Lanzarote Mirador del Rio, Orzola NNO 460m 2:15 + " TS Wind not strong enough towards afternoon and changed dir (N->O) wing collapsed several times :-(
0053 2003.12.07 Es Lanzarote Macher O 480m 1:30 " TS Trained many toplandings! Wind very weak towards afternoon
0052 2003.12.07 Es Lanzarote Macher, Middle of L. O 600m 2:13 " TS Jumped to next hill and back 2 times, flew through clouds
0051 2003.12.06 Es Lanzarote Femes SSW 789m 1:34 " TS start lower than ridge of little hill, then soar up the one with the antennas
0050 2003.12.06 Es Lanzarote Femes, South of L SSW 380m 0:10 + " TS 2 little hills just west of Femes (rest. with view!)  - Tried Wind Conditions
0049 2003.12.05 Es Lanzarote Famara, to Mirador WNW 1043m 6:15 40km ++++ " TS Soaring Famara ridge, Direct Dist: 19,5: total > 150 km ! Max Up: 4.7, Start @ 350m
0048 2003.12.04 Es Lanzarote Famara, to Mirador NW 722m 4:30 35km ++++ " FC, TS Soaring Famara ridge, Wind perfect from front. lotsa rain, Direct Dist: 19,5 (15Km) : total 100 km ! Max Up: 3.4
0047 2003.12.03 Es Lanzarote Juan Hierro, LaCaleta NW 250m 2:12 + Nova Artax FC, TS Soaring near La Caleta, Wind too strong at Famara ridge
0046 2003.10.30 De Hdh? Soaringkante,  Sportplatz 80m 0:03 8:16 G.B. FC A-Schein Pruefung, Hangstart
0045 2003.10.30 De Nehresheim Segelflugplatz, Winde 350m 0:05 G.B. FC A-Schein Pruefung
0044 2003.10.30 De Nehresheim Sfp, W 350m 0:20 8:08 G.B. FC Windenschulung part 2; time total
0039 2003.10.22 De Nehresheim Segelflugplatz, Winde 350m 1:15 G.B. FC Windenschulung : time total, Sidewind up to 90°
0024 2003.10.18 It Reschenpass Watles 700m 1:32 G.B. FC, TS Super Thermic over the "Gasthof Gerstl"
0023 2003.10.17 It Reschenpass Watles 700m 0:31 G.B. FC, TS 0:10, 0:21
0021 2003.10.16 It Feltre Monte Avena 1200m 1:51 6:30 G.B. FC, TS 0:19, 0:54, 0:38
0018 2003.10.15 It Feltre Monte Avena 1200m 1:25 ++ G.Bright FC, TS Feltre is in northern Italy : 0:18, 0:40, 0:27
0015 2003.10.14 It Castelluccio Fontanile 385m 0:07 G.G. FC, TS wind became too strong later
0014 2003.10.13 It Castelluccio Fontanile 385m 0:36 G.G. FC, TS 3Flights , total time
0011 2003.10.13 It Castelluccio Rest. La Paita 335m 0:05 G.G. FC, TS morning flights, from top, landing training 
0010 2003.10.12 It Castelluccio Rifugio Perugia 750m 0:15 G.G. FC, TS Umkehrthermik, nice flight in the sunset
0009 2003.10.12 It Castelluccio Vento di Sole, Reflektor 850m 1:03 ++ G.G. FC, TS Thermal & wind soaring
0008 2003.10.12 It Castelluccio Rest. La Paita 250m 0:08 G.Golden FC, TS 2 morning flights, halfway up,  landing training , 2*0:04
0006 2003.10.11 It Castelluccio Pellegrino, Intermedio 580m 0:11 G.B. FC, TS Umkehrthermik, nice flight in the sunset
0005 2003.10.11 It Castelluccio Pellegrino, Intermedio 580m 0:09 G.B. FC, TS "Rentner"
0004 2003.10.11 It Castelluccio Forca di Presto 290m 0:10 G.B. FC, TS 2 morning flights, take-off training , 0:05
0002 2003.10.10 It Castelluccio Forca di Presto 290m 0:34 G.Bright FC, TS Soaring at the ridge with west-wind
0001 2003.10.10 It Castelluccio Forca di Presto 290m 0:06 Gradient FC, TS Cast. is in Umbria, middle of ital,y near Rome. F.d.P. is before Cas. right up. 


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