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RockClimbing: Badile - 'Cassin'     Renkfälle 

Date: August 2003
Routes: 'Cassin'  & 'Another Day in Paradise'
Partner: Andi Fichtner, Thorsten Kleint, Steve Gernert, Chris Leiter
Times: ?h:    ? -> Bondo 
1.5h  Carpark above Bondo ->  Hut
2h      Hut  ->  Base
3h      'Cassin' 
(Note: Do not plan on this time! Most parties will need to take ~5-6 hours)
   descent down the North ridge
Hut:  Sasc Furä Hut  (1904m)
Comment:  * This tour is very popular: don't expect to be alone, leave at ~4-5 AM
 * Due to the very good rock-quality, the climbing is pleasant and rockfall is minimal
 * The climbing never gets really difficult (~5), and the cruxes could be done on aid.
 * Many of the belays are bolted, and there are lots of pitons in all pitches
 * A few friends could be helpful if this grade is not really 'easy' for you 
 * The topo of the A.d.Paradise you can find in the internet is rather bad. 
    Instead use the one from "Plaisir Sued"

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