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 Ch- Berner Oberland
 Bluemlisalphorn North Face

NorthFace & Ridge Traverse, 8.April,2002
Irma Weber and Ulli Prinz
The Mountain on SummitPost

Short Description of the Tour:

We wanted to do this tour, although it is technically pretty easy, because it is a beautiful area and it also was Irmas first ice North Face. Despite the somewhat undecided weather report, we enjoyed half a sunny weekend, which ended with raindrops right when we had returned  to our car :-)

Day 1:  was spent for the Hut approach. All in all, with ome mistakes in routefinding and some short stops after crossing creeks ;-) it took a whopping 8 hours to get to the hut. Usually
You should be able to do that in 5-6 hours. At this time of  the year it is still worth taking the skis, the snow (an exceptionally little amount has fallen this year) went until the Upper gathering of huts above the lake.  The Bluemlisalp Hut has a room for alpinists that is open year round. In the winter time it is unattended and cooking is on a wood-stove. Its a very pleasant hut !

Day2: We left around 5 in the morning and decided to go for the round trip combining the
North Face ascent with the traverse of the ridge and descent on the flanks of the "Weisse Frau".
So we left the skis at the base of our anticipated descent and went on.

The rest is explained with the pictures, have fun reading ...

Ulli & Irma

Technical details of the mountain on  SummitPost


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