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   A weekend in Göschenen & the "Graue Wand" 



Date:  March 16th 2002
Location: Switzerland near Gotthard pass
Who: Ulrich Prinz &  Irma Weber Iten

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We had planned to go for 2 days to the Albert-Heim Huette to go rock-climbing on the 'Graue Wand'
When we came through Goeschenen, we saw a nice 200m  frozen waterfall to the left, which
immediately drew our attention. The ice was not ideal for protection any more because it had 
been warm for a while, but it was great for easy climbing. The right route looked marginal and
had collapsed by sunday evening, when we returned. The descent can be done via some 
trees where you can tie some cord loops.

The Hut was filled with 40 (max.65) people, so you should reserve on nice weekends.
The approach from Realp is ~3+ hours, from Tiefenbach (if the road is open) 1.5 hours.
There are many tracks, so it's impossible to miss.

The Graue Wand is ~ 45minutes from the hut via ski to the base of the climb.
It has a great number of routes in fine granite. (See pictures for more Text details)
Unfortunately my morale was really bad after a winter in the climbing gym, grabbing
plastic holds. We gave up after some attempts on 2 routes, facing runouts of 20m
without a chance to put in a piece of pro anywhere.

Too sad, but  we'll be back !

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