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Pointe Zinal (ridge and NF)

      Date: August 2002
Partner: John Scoles, Irma Weber and GŁnter Haas
  • Weather: Rain in the night and morning (hut) and snow (ridge)
  • Ridge: a slight snow cover on some of the rocks, but it was not bad. 
  • NorthFace: Optimal: ~10cm of compact snow cover 
  • We wanted to do the Dent d'Herens but the weather
    was too bad so we went for this easy route.
  • John dropped his crampons down the Northface
    so we went down on this side and continued to
    the Mountet-Hut instead of going back to Schoenbiel.
  • The North-Face is not well known, but it can be a 
    worthwile substitute if the weather is too bad for long