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Roseg NorthFace  

Date: August 2002
Partner: Rene Niethammer
Diffculty: 52°
Route: 670hm (3250 -> 3920m/3937m)
First Ascent: C. Klucker, L.N.-Neruda, 
Conditions: Optimal: ~10cm of compact snow cover, 
Rock Sections was very short & easy
Times: 3h Pontresina ->  Hut
2h Hut      -> Base
3h Base   -> Peak
3 h Peak  -> Hut
Hut:  Tschierva  (2573 m)  (SAC-Link)
  • The tour is never crowded, a good alternative to Bianco-ridge.
  • Descend via the Eselsgrat, via equipped rappels and some easy downclimbing - 50m rope is enough for rappels
  • The conditions are best after some snow in early summer. Too much and the approach will be exhausting, not enough and the Rocky sections can get more tricky.


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Bernina, 1:25 000, Blatt 1277; 
Julierpass, 1:50 000, Blatt 268; 
Bündner Alpen 5; Julierpass Skitouren
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 Piz Roseg Nordwand