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UlrichPrinz: Alpine: Weisshorn (ch)

Date: July 2004  (this was a year with a lot of snow, typical would be 6 weeks earlier!)
Partner: Irma ("Jenny") Weber, John Scoles
Conditions: Perfect on the face, difficult on the rocky part of the ridge down.
Routes: North-East face up and East-ridge down.
A beautiful north-face of moderate difficulties and a rather ugly ridge down.
  • This face saw it's first ascent 1980, then on another route 1987
  • The reason for the very late attempt on it is not due to the difficulty
    of the face but rather to the fact that if the face is in good condition
    (as we found it) then the east-ridge which is the typical descent,
    is in difficult conditions.
  • Therefore it took us 8-10 hours up and 10 hours down.
  • I can really recommend this face, but if you do it, plan on going
    down the east-ridge only until 1/2 to 2/3, where the snow-ridge
    ends and the rock-ridge starts. There turn down towards the
    north (!) not to the hut and descend the face there, and continue