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Rock Climbing: Presles (fr)   Renkfälle 

Date: April 2003 (Easter)
Partner: Andi Fichtner 
Routes: Voie Beatrix  (TD,6b+,250m,**)  Good Rock, very homogenous
Vu de l'exterieur  (ED-,6c/7a,200m,***)  The highlight of the trip, great rock, nice line
Temps des Guenilles  (TD,,250m,***)  Good Rock, homogenous, many bolts, recommended!
Papillon sur l'epaule  (ED-,7a,250m,***) Ugly part of wall, long runouts, tour not recommended
Arcturus  (ED-,7a,200m,***)  Slabs + athletic overhangs, a great mix! 
  • 4km wide, 250m high, 
  • The  rock quality is not as good as in Verdon, but in some routes it gets close
  • The little Auberge in Presles is quite nice and Ezio, the Italian patron is very friendly
  • The topo-guide can be bought in this auberge or in other towns around