Ullis Alpine Links


I tried not to duplicate good exisiting Link-Lists. The sites below are worth a visit, and you'll find more to click there.

Link and Info Sites

AndiFichtner.de - Andi was the climbing partner on my best alpine tours. She is 
  one of the top female alpine climbers in Germany!
'my' mountains
- My favorite Mountain site at the moment: all Infos on Peaks
- This is a link to the mountains I maintain
Lampatzer - Rainer Lampatzer has a huge well maintained link site for Germans.
Tradgirl  - Tradgirl collects all the wisdom from the rec.climbing newsgroup
- de.rec.alpinismus & rec.climbing
- Type yourself: http://groups.google.com/group/de.rec.alpinismus?hl=en
Vertical Devices - an enormous colllection of belay and rappel devices - great !
Tourplanning - my quick Tourplanning links (mainly for personal use)
my Equipment - here you can find my recommendations and links to others