Columns Explained

This list explains what the columns in the Wishlist and the  'Done'- Tourlist  

Date Date climbed (only for the Tourlist)
Ct Country:  Ch=Switzerland, De=Germany, Fr=France, It=Italy, At=Austria  (Others)
Area Grouping of mountains in to regions. For Ch I usually take  the ones from
Mountain The name of the mountain
Route The name of the route
X Exposition : N,S,E,W
Type Rock = Alpine Rock Climbing, Ice = Waterfall-Iceclimbing, Mix = Alpine Mixed Climbing, Ski = Skitour,  AI = Alpine Ice e.g. North Faces, Sport = non-Alpine Sportclimbing
Book/ Route No Where can you find the topo / details
Abbrev. Full Name
T1 / T2 Le topo du Massif du Mont Blanc, Tome II, Michel Piola. 
G1 / T2 Mont Blanc Massif Selected Climbs Vol 1, Lindsay Griffin
Val Le Chaine Du Mont-Blanc #1, Guide Vallot
Reb 100 Fines Routes, Gaston Rebuffat
AV German AV Guides, Rother Verlag, available for many areas @@@Link  (for Cham:="Eberlein")
Van Erich Vanis: Im Steilen Eis 
P Walter Pause: Im Extremen Fels
RS Rother Selection, Alpine Sportkletterrouten, Raetikon-Hochkoenig, D.Elsner J.Haase
SAC Swiss Alpine Club - Clubfuehrer - many books of all of Switzerland @@@Link


Diff Difficulties in Rock and Ice   ---  I try to use 3 gradings:
Type   From-To



NewDe(*)   ~Rock    Comment
F L G1-G2 1  
PD WS G2-G3 2  
AD ZS G3-G4 3  
D S G4-G6 4  
TD SS G6-G9 5  
ED  AS G9-G12  7 ED 1-3
ABO  EX  -G20+  7... ED 4-5
Rock UIAA 1-11
Ice-Grade WI
WI1 - WI7
0º - 90º

Check out  Ari's Base Camp for more details on grades
(*) The new De Grades are now used in the AV-Guide BernerOberland and consists of 4 factors: technical grade,  alpine character,  objective dangers,  length of tour

Pref. How much did I like the route:  from -- (oh No!)   to  + (soso)   to ++++ (a Must)
h delta Height: How many meters from start of climb to the top.
t how long did the climb take (hours)
Mon. 'ideal' months for this tour
D Details link (usually only on my hard-disk)
Comment all other things ...