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You can find a selection of these tours with pictures on my Reports  page.     You can find the tours I still want to do in my  Wishlist      The table below is sortable! -> Click on the header fields.    Columns Explained 
Date Ct Area               Mountain               Route                                x T Book/Topo  Diff          Pref. h      t      Mon.   D Part      Comment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
2005.01 At Vorarlberg Brandnertal Several NIce Eiskalt WI 6 ++ 120m 01_03 CN Nice face with a number of steep routes
2005.01 Ch Berner Adelboden North Shore NIce Eiskalt WI 6 +++ 300m 01_03 AF Very nice tour, rarely forms, very homogenous, the gem of Adelboden
2005.01 Ch Berner Breitwangflue Beta Block Super NIce Eiskalt WI 7X, E6 ++++ 300m 01_03 AF,CF After 'Crack-Baby' this was the next logical step. Awesome route!
2004.09Tz Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro Attempt:new,Suc:Mweka Alt ++ 5000m 5d OG Failed on attempt of first ascent of new ice route. Did Mweka hiking route instead.
2004.07 Ch Wallis Weisshorn New on North East face NEMix   D-? +++ 1000m 20h 05_07 IW,JS Beautiful, moderate North Face up, but loong snowy ridge down.
2004.02 Fr Ecrins Freissinieres,Fournel Gramusat dir., J.u.illusion Ice GeC WI6 +++ RR The most long routes on one face I've seen so far
2004.02 Ch Buendner Averstal / Campsut Goetter, Thron, Bruecke Ice M9-, Wi6 ++   AF, RN Did some Mixed in the main sektor and some ice in Thron (est. WI4+ at that time). Found a nice column w. balconies ~800m left of Thron. Brueckenfall all variants
2004.02 At Tirol Renkfaelle Rechts v. Eisspur Ice WI5 + AF Long approach if snow is soft (3+h)
2004.02 Ch Urner UrnerbodenMidnight Express, etc Ice Eiskalt M8- + RR Not much ice this time. M.E. is better to protect than it appears at first, try it!
2003.08 It Dolomiten Marmolada Moderne Zeiten S Rock AV:90 7+ 800m 06_09 AF 7 obl.,27 SL., good rock-quality. Falierhut + 1.15h, descent: 0.5h(tele) - 3h
2003.08 It Dolomiten Tofana di Rozes Pilastro O Rock 800m 9h 06_09   AF Topo
2003.08 Fr Cham Aiguille Noire South Ridge S Rock DAV:292 + 12h 06_09 AF wanted to do the Peuterey Superintegral but had problems ...
2003.08 Ch Bergell Badile Cassin NE Rock P:  Plaisier S, SAC 6a ++ 900m 3:00 07_09 TK.AF Chris L.,Steve Gernert
2003.08 Ch Bergell Badile Another day in Paradise NE Rock P:  Plaisier S, SAC 6b ++ 900m 3:30 07_09 AF
2003.07 At Karwendel Lalidererspitze Direkte Nordwand N Rock P: 7 - 900m 9:30 07_09 AF,LK
2003.07 FrCham Petit Dru Directe Americaine W Rock G2:136,AV:1287 7, ED ++++  700m 11-14h 07_09 AF  til  bloc coince
2003.07 FrCham Jorasses, Grandes Walker Spur N Mix G1:53,AV:930,P:11 ED1 ++ 1200m 13:00 07_09  AF 'magnificent classic', 'generally accepted as one of the best climbs in the alps' Approach: 2.5 from Leschaux - End of the summer   ukclimb  Googl
2003.07 Ch Berner Wellhorn Chaos Paradies S Rock Topo 6c+ ++ 600m 7:20 07_09 AF (6b/Ao), 25SL 21Sl.  12 Exxen+50m-Seil...
2003.07 Ch Berner Signal / Pyramid  Haexering Rock Topo 6c ++ 11SL 07_09 AF 2210m
2003.06 Ch Wallis Col du Sanetsch Starions S Rock ++ 06_09 AF
2003.06 Ch Wallis Col du Sanetsch Le chemin des extrêmes S Rock 6c ++ 06_09 AF 6b obl., 7SL
2003.06 Ch Urner Wendenstöcke Voie du frère S Rock 8- ++ 06_09 AF
2003.06 Ch Urner Wendenstöcke Millenium S Rock +++ 06_09 AF only the first 6 pitches, then rained out
2003.06 Ch Urner Mittagflue Abadia S Rock 6b 0 05_09 AF only did it because time left on way back, too easy, too many people
2003.06 Fr Chamonix Mb du Tacul Gervasutti-Pfeiler E Rock 6+ ++ 800m 12h 07_09 AF conditions not easy, still a lot of snow on the north sides of the ridge
2003.06 De Frankenjura Sportclimbing Weißenstein - Sport - 0 05_09 AF Schloßbergwand, Ob. Gößweinst., Stadelh. W.
2003.06 FrCham Capucin, Grand O Sole Mio S Rock AV:394 ED / 7- ++ 300m 07_09 AF  6a+ obl. (4x 6c,3x 6b,2 Pendler)
2003.06 Fr Val. l'Arve Les Vuardes Vertiges de l'oubli S Rock 6c+ +++ 04_09 AF http://www.basislager.ch/az/klettern.php#2027 Vallee de l'Arve
2003.05 De Pfalz Sportklettern Bärenbrunner u.a. - Sport - +++ 05_09 AF Hochstein/Schindh.Kuckuck
2003.05 Ch Berner Filidor Joker Rock 6c ++ 05_09 AF 2000m
2003.05 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald Grimm Mixed-Variante Mix - 01_02 AF just 4 fun, no ice, looked for our lost equipment
2003.05 At Südtirol Ortler N-Wand Mix - + 03_04 AF route not very steep, not too inspiring, long walk back
2003.04 Fr Chamonix Droites N-Face, Ginat N Mix 90°, ED- ++++ 800m AF beautiful face, great route, nice conditons: super!
2003.04 Fr Grenoble Presles Voie Béatrice Rock TD, 6b+ ++ AF
2003.04 Fr Grenoble Presles Vue de ´extérieur Rock ED-6c/7a AF
2003.04 Fr Grenoble Presles Temps de genuilles Rock TD, 6b+ AF
2003.04 Fr Grenoble Presles Papillon sur l´épaule Rock ED-,7a AF
2003.04 Fr Grenoble Presles Arcturus Rock ED-, 7a AF
2003.04 At Stubai Sellrain, Lüsenstal Hängende Gärten Ice WI 6? 02_03 AF 1880m
2003.04 At Stubai Pinnistal Männer ohne Nerven Ice WI 5? 02_03 AF
2003.04 At Stubai Kreuzjoch Kreuzjoch Ski  - AF  Jopo
2003.04 At Tirol Renkfaelle Eisspur Ice WI 5 + AF not too steep, ice brittle 
2003.04 At Tirol Renkfaelle Eiskoenig Ice WI 5-6 +++ CL  the free-standing column is the crown of this 'king'
2003.03 Ch Berner Breitwangflue Crack Baby Ice WI 6-, E4 ++++ 340m AF huge wall, amazing line, few people: wow!   alt.1800m
2003.02 Ch Berner Staubbach Blue Magic Ice WI 5+ 180m AF 1500m 
2003.02 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald Bäretritt Ice WI 5+ 70m AF 1280m
2003.02 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald A.. bites the dust Mix M 7+ AF 1280m
2003.02 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald Haizähne Ice WI 5+/6- AF 1280m
2003.02 Ch Berner Suhlwald The Fang Ice WI 5, E3 25m AF 1440m
2003.02 Ch Berner Suhlwald ??? (left of  ' White out') Mix M 8- AF
2003.02 Ch Berner Suhlwald Wenn Hennen rennen Mix M 7-, E3 + 60m AF ugly holds for the tools - slippery
2003.02 Ch Berner Suhlwald Resignator Ice WI4+,E2 AF
2003.02 Ch Berner Oeschinensee Sunshine Reggae Ice WI 5  70m AF 1570m
2003.02 Ch Berner Staubbach Rübezahl Ice WI 5+  215m ++ AF a1500m
2003.02 Ch Berner Ueschinen Tours right of main sector Mix M5, M6 AF
2003.02 Ch Tösstal Tösstal Freihängender Zapfen Ice WI 6-  AF 770m
2003.02 Ch Tösstal Tösstal Tränen der Sehnsucht Ice WI 5- 25m AF 770m
2003.02 Ch Tösstal Tösstal Wasserfall Ice WI 4  15m AF 770m
2003.02 Ch Zentral Brunnital Bluebalu Ice WI 6-  230m AF 1080m
2003.02 Ch Zentral Brunnital Hydrophobia Ice WI 6  225m AF 1080m
2003.02 Ch Zentral Brunnital Assassini Mix M7+, E2  30m AF 1080m
2003.02 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald Rattenpissoir Ice WI 5+ 170m AF
2003.02 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald Piet-Säule Ice WI 6 AF 1280m
2003.01 Ch Buendner Sertig Namenlos Ice E WI 3 110m AF,RN
2003.01 Ch Buendner Averstal / Campsut Kerze Ice WI 4 55m AF, RN 1740m
2003.01 Ch Buendner Averstal / Campsut Kompakteisschild Ice WI 4- 30m AF, RN
2003.01 Ch Buendner Averstal / Campsut Kastration Ice WI 6- 15m AF, RN
2003.01 Ch Buendner Averstal / Campsut Mix-Sektor Ice M6 AF
2003.01 Ch Buendner Silvaplana Zweiseillängenfall Ice WI 4+ AF 1900m
2003.01 Ch Buendner Silvaplana Kerze Ice WI 4+ 30m AF 1900m
2003.01 Ch Buendner Silvaplana Hors dóevres variés Ice M6+  AF 1900m
2003.01 Ch Buendner Silvaplana Wasserrohr Ice WI 3 50m AF 1900m
2003.01 Ch Buendner Silvaplana ???-Mixedroute Mix ca. M5 15m AF 1900m
2003.01 Ch Buendner Val Lagrev Lagrevfall Ice WI 3- AF 2560m
2003.01 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald Arbonium Ice Wi 5 260m AF 1280m
2003.01 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald Pingu Ice WI 5+ 200m AF 1280m
2003.01 Ch Berner Oeschinenwald Reise Integral Ice WI 6 155m AF 1280m
2002.12 It Ligure Finale Ligure 6 days, many Routes -


6c/ 7a AF
2001.12 It Basel Basler Jura Many Ice DB David and I nearly killed ourselves: I had a near fall, David did fall high ...
2001.12 It Aosta Val di Cogne Mur d Party, Mond. Money Ice + DB
2001.11 Fr Chamonix Courtes Swiss Route N Mix GH
2001.08 Pe Cord. Blanca Alpamayo AI LB
2001.08 Pe Cord. Blanca Artesonraju AI KR
2001.08 Pe Cord. Blanca Vallunaraju AI KR
2001.06 At Ortler West side Ski KR Getting to know each other" tour for peru witk Kristian & Lukas
2001.06 Ch  Berner Doldenhorn North Face N AI ++ GH
2001.06 Ch  Berner Ebenefluh North Face N AI ++ GH
2001.06 Ch  Berner Aletschhorn North Face N AI ++ GH
2001.06 Ch  Berner Bluemlisalphorn North Face N AI GH
2001.02 It Aosta Val di Cogne Stella Artice, Cand Coyote Ice + GH
2001.03 Fr  Provence Verdon many routes, Ticket Danger   Rock 6c +++ GH Easter Trip: Was still cold there, but mostly sunny!
2001.02 It Aosta Val di Cogne Repentance Super Ice ++++ GH
2000.08 Ch Berner Salbit West-Ridge W Rock + GH
2000.08 Ch Berner Salbit Hammerbruch, Jimmy NW Rock ++ GH
2000.07 Fr Chamonix Aig Midi / Chere see comment   R/I GH Gendarm von Mittelstation aus 400m ++ Versuch CervasuttiPfeiler: Guenter Krank. Stattdessen kurze Eistour Nachmittag "Dame de Lac" zu hart 0 Wetter schlecht: Eistour am Tacul: Chere ++
2000.06 At Karwendel Dammkar Gann,Hans Baer Rock GH
2000.06 At Karwendel Dammkarnadel Unvergessene Heimat Rock +++ GH
2000.06 At Wetterstein Schuesselkarspitze Piranha Rock + GH No success: To weak & too many people
2000.06 Ch Buendner Albignia Fiamma Rock ++ GH
2000.06 Ch Bernina Piz Bianco Ridge Mix +++ GH
2000.06 Ch Bernina Piz Morteratsch SW-Ridge Rock Gü Haas
2000.04 Fr Buis Le Baronny Crags  many Rock 6b+ ++ UwePfaff Had a 13m yacht and climbed from there in the crags on the shores one week
2000.04 Fr Calanques Crags  many Rock ++ UwePfaff Stopover on the way home: Beautiful ridge, looks like a spiked dinosaur. Uwe, Katrin
2000.03 Fr Chamonix several  Haute Route Ski + solo Looked for the 'best' XC-Ski tour and read about the Haute-Route so I tried that. Terrible weather stopped me after 5 days at Chanrion hut
2000.03 At Allgäu Tannheim Haldenseefall Ice WI4   SScheuch My first Ice -lead-climbing  Stefan Scheuch
2000.03 Ch Wallis SaasFee Albhubel Ice WI4   solo roped solo Ice -lead-climbing on glacier, solo tour onto Albhubel
2000.02 At Kleinwalsertal Widderstein & Hoeferspitze Ski ++ UwePfaff My first ski tour: Uwe tought me how to
1999.01 Us California June Lake  ? Ice ++ Group More Toproping - stepped into leg with crampon because I was lowered too fast - ouch
1999.12 Us California Lee Vining My first ice-climbing Ice ++ Group My first contact to iceclimbing: Went with Keith Hoffman and group from granitearch
1999.12 Us California Yosemity Soloing some simpler routes Rock ++ solo Soloing some simpler multi-pitch routes with the GriGri
1999.09 Fr Grimsel Eldorado  ?   Rock ! ++++ RL  
1999.09 Fr Grimsel Mittagsfluh  Adabia   Rock   ++++ RL  
1999.09 Fr Chamonix Mt. Blanc 3 cols route f. Cosmiques Alpine ++++ solo My first time on a glacier: bought an ice axe, borrowed crampons & did the route solo ;-)
1999.09 Fr Chamonix Aig du Midi Rebuffat S Rock ++++ RL My first high alpine Rock route. 
1999.09 Fr Chamonix Valley  many   Rock 6c several! ++++ RL Some Crag rock climbing.  Partners : Sophie, Rainer, Andreas, Vivienne  Areas: Maladiere, Mont-Saxonnet, Chapeau
1999.09 At Tannheim Rote Flueh Direkte Suedwand Rock   UwePfaff My first alpine climbing ( also with Rainer Lampatzer)
1999.09 At Tannheim Gimpel Neue SOkante, Neue Swand Rock 7-   UwePfaff My first alpine climbing ( also with Rainer Lampatzer)
1999.06 De Schwaeb Alb & Donau many many Rock SB Started climbing: Stefan Blobner (work collegue) convinced me to join him to do some climbing which he had just begun