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  May.10 Flying in Annecy: Intro and XC-Tips     .. 2 Pages to help visitors to a great start here
  Dez.09 Rückblick 2009              .... retrospect of the year: celebrating Rank 2 in the World-Ranking-List!
  Okt.09 Fall in Annecy              ... many colourful photos of yellow leaves
  Aug.09 Annecy = Paragliders Paradise       ... living in paradise with an angel
  Aug.09 German Open 2009                               ... wieder 2. Platz hinter Peter ;-)
  Aug.09 Faltboot-Tour mit Julian                           ... die Fortsetzung der Reise von 2008
  Apr.09 Trofeo Montegrappa Reloaded           ... diesmal mit noch mehr Tasks! ;-)
  Jan.09 Weltmeisterschaft '09 Mexiko            ...endlich in der Nationalmannschaft!
  Sep.08 New DeutscheMeisterschaft in Piedrahita 2. Platz
  Jul.08 New Odyssee auf dem Forggensee  mal was anderes: Faltboot-Fahren!
  May.08 New La Vita e bella in Bavaria  "Arbeits-Ausflug" nach Bayern
  May.08 Bawü Open 2008 : 1.Place   - Happy flying in the Sunny Black Forest
  Mar.08 Trofeo MonteGrappa 2008 : 1.Place  
  Feb.08 Wohnmobil  : My new "Home away from Home"
  Nov.07  Argentina / Chile Trip PWC and travelling...
  Oct.07  My new wing, the Gin Boomeran 5 : The summer is back!
  May.07  Greifenburg Open '07 : The summer is back!
  Jan.07  peedriding / Speedflying: Racing downhill with small wings!
  Dec.06  Kleinheppacher Kopf : A wonderful autumn flight in December!
  Nov.06  Not yet: PWC Reunion
  Jul.06  Updated: Fiesch with some pictures from my first big FAI triangle there.
  Jul.06  Updated: XC-Topspots and Tips pages
  Jul.06  Skywalk Nightfever & PCS Vereinsmeisterschaft : The last one switches off the light!
  Jul.06  Zwischenstand 2006 : a short summary of what I've been doing in 2006 so far.
  Jun.06  Bawü Airgames : A great event for the flying and non-flying Audience! Finished 2nd in my region and 5th overall.
  May.06 World Cup in Austria: Just more rain and ugly conditions:few flights, only one task - depressing :-((
  May.06 Deutsche Meisterschaft in Berchtesgaden: Rain Rain Tain and jsut one task - there is not much more to say :-(
  May.06 Bayrische Meisterschaft am Wallberg: jeden Tag in der Luft, und der weiteste Task, der je in Deutschland geflogen wurde!
  Mar.06 Paragliding World Cup in Castello, Brazil : My biggest competition so far, in a beautiful landscape!
  Jan.06 Report of my South Africa Trip , wilth updates from De Aar and the All-African Open '05
  Oct.05 Fall has arrived: Time for a scenic flight in the Alpstein massif
  Sep.05 Not yet documented: Best-Of-France Tour
  Aug.05 Created a Flickr-Account to already share some pictures while on a trip
  Aug.05 Another rainy weekend. Good for planning new trips! I found Google-Earth an amazing tool to plan trips overseas! Here are some KML files of flights in South-Africa
  Aug.05  Fiesch '05: The big diasppointment this year: not at all what I had hoped for: North wind and wet: No Km's, no Fun... (and no new pictures)
  Jul.05 The Slovenian Open '05 :A week of competition flying with a new wing (Swing Stratus) in a great scenery!
  Jul.05 The Wasserkuppe was the historical place where soaring planes were flown first. We went to the Clubs festival and I won the pretty title "Rhönmeister"
  Jun.05 Combined Clubmeisterschaft of PCS and Remstäler in Andelsbuch: finished 1st place after 2 hot and humid days
  Jun.05 My first German Cup: Finished 3rd after a day with weak and one day with rougher conditions.
  May.05 My first FAI-Competition: Bawü Open. Unfortunately the conditions were not good and being 25th overall is not very satisfying, even when you're the 1st DHV1-2. At least I won the Funcup ...
  Apr.05 My great Adventrure Trip this year: just returned from flying in Pakistan and Afghanistan Enjoyed nice XC-Flights in the Himalayas
  Mar.05 Short weekend iceclimbing-trip to the Brandnertal in Austria
Feb.05 Passed the theoretical part of the Ultralight-FlightExam and finished all Flights.Bad winter weather didn't permit the practical exam - will follow in march
Jan.05 Began my Ultralight-Motor-Flight course and enjoyed my first short flights in clear winter air.
Jan.05 Sorted some pictures and made a "Best-Of" foto- page
Jan.05 Finally there is some nice ice ready: Did the 3rd ascent of Beta Block Super and had a nice day in North Shore in Adelboden
Oct.04 Prolonging the summer: A last paragliding trip to Almunecar, Spain (Report not ready yet)
Sep.04 Now ready:report of my longest trip this year: Tansania - Paragliding in the Usambara Mountains, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar
Sep.04 Last year while climbing Marmolada  I decided to be be back on top one year after by paraglider. Heres the result...
Aug.04 My first visit to the Mekka of gliding pilots: Fiesch  - my longest flights this year
  Jul.04 A rare exception this year: an excursion to the Weisshorn North East face: a beautiful Face and an hard descent...
Jun.04 Went to Pfronten to meet Oliver Guenay and ended up winning the Breitenberg Competition ;-)
Jun.04 Collected some Paragliding pictures from my last excursions
Apr.04 Added a Paragliding-Gear page. Not much contents other than my cockpit though...
Apr.04 Spring is here, the Vierwaldstättersee is near - lets go flying!
Apr.04 Board & Fly Verbier  the ideal combination for the easter-season
Feb.04 Short trip to the Ecrins (.fr): This is the biggest mass of ice on one wall in Europe! More long routes than anywhere else - Wow!
Feb.04 Short trip to Campsut, climbed Thron, a WI6 left of it, the Brueckenfall and the central mixed route in the main sector: nice!
Jan.04 The ice-conditions are horrible this year, done only one excursion to Urnerboden
   Jan.04  I am now also training dry-tooling indoors on the "Holzweg"in my climbing gym.
   Jan.04 Spent the xmas-holidays in Finale (rock climbing) and Kandersteg (Ice-Festival & Ueschinen)
   Dez.03  Added an FAQ page for all those curious people out there ... ;-)
   Dez.03  My first real paragliding trip: 2 weeks of flying in Lanzarote
   Oct.03  Started a new hobby: Paragliding !   Went to Castelluccio to collect flights for my A-course
Sep.03  A milestone for the Dolomites:  'Moderne Zeiten' on the Marmolada south face. Also: Tofana: 'Pilastro' (pics to follow)
Aug.03  A classic of the eastern Alps:  Badile 'Cassin'  and 'Another day in paradise'
Aug.03  A classic of the Karwendel: Laliderer "Direkte Nordwand" 
Jul.03  Success in Cham! Grande Jorasses: Walker & Les Drus: Directe Americaine : 2 fascinating climbs in 5 days
Jul.03  Rockclimbing in Ch: "Haexering" on Signal & "Chaos Paradies" on Wellhorn
  Jun.03  I spent 9 days "on the road" around Chamonix, first with Urs Odermatt and then with Andi Fichtner:  Sanetsch / Grand Capucin: 'O Sole Mio' / Val du Larve / Gervasutti Pillar
May.03  The Ortler North Face: The 'highest north face' in the (small) eastern Alps: not too impressive but still quite nice.
Apr.03  Finally: I've been waiting to do Les Droites far too long! Now we've done this fine north face - what a nice easter-gift.
Apr.03  The rock is getting warm enough again - at least in southern France ;-):  Presles is a 4km wide & 250m high wall filled with adventurous routes.
Mar.03  The first north face '03 :The Dru Couloir in France, together with Urs Odermatt
Mar.03  The end of the (waterfall) Ice-Climbing season '02/'03 : Renkfaelle in Austria
Mar.03  Spent 3 days in the Stubai-Valley in Austria: Two more days of nice iceclimbing and one snowboard-tour.
Feb.03  The  Breitwangfluh keeps a number of hard testpieces. We did "Crack Baby" to put the cream on this years ice-climbing season..
Feb.03  The  Brunnital in Switzerland is a mekka for ice-climbers.
Feb.03  Visited the Toesstal - a tiny valley with smaller icefalls - relaxing but not very impressive
Feb.03  Simon Anthamatten climbs the "Vertical Limit"  (M12) in Ueschinen page.
Feb.03  Iceclimbing in Suhlwald with Urs Odermatt
Feb.03  More big ice: the Kandersteg page.
Jan.03  The ice is good again ! Added Silvaplana page.
Jan.03  15 Degrees above freezing - what to do if there is no ice ?  Added some pics to my  Alpine - Misc page.
Jan.03  Let there be light! At last I can see something when riding home at night with my new bike-lamp...
Jan.03  I spent the XMas holiday in the south this time, here are some pics from Finale Ligure
Dec.02  The Ice-Climbing season began ! Added Campsut page.
Nov.02  Bought a new Mountainbike and added a preliminary version of my Bike Page
Aug.02  My short summer holiday: Added Roseg NF Trip Report & Wallis Trip Report 
Aug.02  Provider Change: Moved to Strato. (Arco free offer was changed) New Domains available (mirrors): UlrichPrinz.com and .net  
May.02  Added (older) USA - Rocky Mountain Natl.Park Travel Pictures 
Apr.02 I had a crash with the bicycle  -> Two weeks on crutches, plus several weeks without climbing, biking or other sports :-( 
Apr.02 Springtime = NorthFaces-Time: Bluemlisalphorn NorthFace trip report is ready
Mar.02 Goeschenen Trip Report ready
Mar.02 Added Tourplanning Links and Packlist
Mar.02 Urnerboden Day Trip Report  ready
Jan.02 X-Mas 2001 Trip Report ready
Jan.01  Added Equipment and Selfmade Equipment pages
Nov.01  Joined SummitPost.com and decided to publish all details about mountains on their site instead of my own site.
Oct.01  Added Peru and New York Travel Reports
Sep.01  My site is up and running for the first time.